Let’s go to Nara Park. | Day trip from Nagoya by car

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Let's go to Nara Park.Day trip from Nagoya by car

This article is Google Translated in Japanese.
I will fix the strange part.

そうだ 奈良公園、行こう。|名古屋発・車で日帰り観光

March 31 (Saturday), 2018, which was warm and nice for cherry blossom viewing in March, I went to Nara Park by car from Nagoya.

What happens when you go to Nara Park during cherry blossom viewing, I would like to report.

Time schedule, travel expenses, Please use the official website as well ♪

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The beginning of this is a word from my husband who likes driving that he wants to go out by car.

It was just a beautiful season for cherry blossoms, I decided to go to Nara, where I have not yet driven by car.

It was almost a decided trip, I decided three purposes so that my trip would be fulfilling.

I want to enjoy cherry blossoms at Nara Park.

I want to feed the deer .

I would like to buy Yagi Shuzo’s plum wine from a friend’s house.

While aiming to achieve the purpose, without doing any preliminary research, I decided to go for a relaxing day trip.

Lots of famous places! Lots of cherry blossoms! Lots of deer! / Nara Park

I want to sleep slowly on holidays (except when climbing) Departure at 9:30 pm, Arrival at Nara Park was at 12:50.

From Yokkaichi IC to Kameyama IC, I was caught in traffic for about 40 minutes, It’s slower than expected.

Anyway, let’s eat lunch I stepped into Nara Park, It was a famous cherry blossom spot.

Cherry blossoms, ponds and temples are nice / Ukimido

Stop at the Takahata parking lot and walk to Nara Park for a minute or two.
I came to a place where cherry blossoms are in bloom.

奈良公園 浮見堂

There is a pond where you can ride a boat called Sagiike, In the middle there was a hall with a characteristic hexagon called Ukimido.

The weather was good and the blue sky and pink cherry blossoms were really beautiful.
I was glad that I could just see this scene.


I saw the kimono because it was warm. It is wonderful to see cherry blossoms in kimono in Nara.

Even if it ’s so beautiful, the congestion is OK, We were able to walk while enjoying the cherry blossom viewing leisurely.

Immediately, one of the goals of the trip is achieved.

I want to enjoy cherry blossoms at Nara Park.

Lunch because I was hungry / TEN.TEN.CAFE

Go straight through Ukimido, in the center of Nara Park,
I aimed for the intersection of the Great Buddha Hall.
There were many restaurants around here.

Because it was just lunch, it was pretty crowded everywhere.
It was crowded especially near the intersection, and I saw a shop full of reservations today.

I didn’t decide where to go,
If you were walking somewhere around such a store,
I was in the area called Todaiji Monzen Yumekaze Hiroba.

There are several restaurants here, there are Japanese food, Italian food, soba noodles,
The impression was as crowded as a Japanese restaurant.
Because we were hungry, we decided to search without sticking to Japanese food,
We decided to enter a store called TEN.TEN.CAFE, where few people are lined up and it seems easy to enter.

奈良公園 TEN.TEN.CAFEClick here for menu.


I ordered “melting omurice” and my husband ordered “Naramachi” Ushigezen “”.



It was Nara-like, but it was omurice and simmery and delicious.

Store name TEN.TEN.CAF
Address Kasuganocho, Nara 16 Yumekaze Hiroba
Phone number 0742-26-0011
Business hours 11: 30-16: 00 (L.O.) / Irregular holidays

I waited a little before entering this shop,
At that time I got a map at the tourist information center next to the shop,
Ask more recommended spots.

“The rear approach to Todaiji Temple is wonderful. You can enjoy cherry blossoms from above if you go up to Nigatsu-do.”
After the meal, I first headed to Todaiji.

Speaking of Nara Park-Part 1 / Todaiji Temple

When I arrived in front of Todaiji, there was a lot of long-awaited deer!

Many sleeping deer.


Some deer squirming chains.


I suddenly raised my tension, To purchase a deer cracker immediately.


It’s a usual feeling, but I also got a deer wearing a skirt.

My husband seems to have been a bit nervous saying, “It’s amazing drooling,” I was a little glad.

I should wash drool! I’m more than happy with the deer.
Objective 2 is achieved!

I want to feed the deer .

There were many tourists around here and it was frustrating.

奈良公園 東大寺正門

After that, we went to the front of Todaiji Temple and worshiped us.
(By the way, I wonder if it was 6 or 7 meters long to enter the Great Buddha)

This was pretty good.

Actually recommended / Urasando

奈良公園 裏参道

In contrast to the congestion up to the Great Buddha, the people are rather small and spacious. It is a very comfortable place with cherry blossoms.

There is a back approach that I was told to go further behind, This was also a good atmosphere with few people.

奈良公園 裏参道 桜

There are people who spread leisure sheets around here and are doing cherry blossom viewing,
It looks good, so we searched for a place …
Everywhere! Deer droppings.

After all, stop sitting and watching the cherry blossoms,
Going on the back approach to Nigatsu-do.

As you work hard on the uphill,
Alleys with a good atmosphere follow, even those who are painting.

奈良公園 桜

It was a beautiful road where cherry blossoms and magnolias bloomed.

When I was taking pictures and walking, I finally saw Nigatsu-do.

奈良公園 二月堂

The view from here is the best! / Nigatsu-do

From the back approach, you will see steep stairs with a roof.
It seems that many people use it as a descent,
Go to the right and climb the large stairs in front of you to reach the stage of Nigatsu-do.

奈良公園 二月堂の舞台

Suppress your feelings and worship. And this landscape.

奈良公園 二月堂からの景色

Beautiful, comfortable, the best.
I came to Nara Park with an idea and thought it was really good.
You can enjoy the view from here not only during the cherry blossom season.

There are fewer people than in front of Todaiji Temple,
I enjoyed sitting on a wooden bench.
The spreading sky is also beautiful.

奈良公園 二月堂から街を眺める

By the way, it seems to be called Nigatsu-do because it takes place in February in the lunar calendar.

I used the stairs I saw to go down. It is quite steep.

奈良公園 二月堂の階段

Speaking of Nara Park-Part 2 / Kasuga Taisha

Go south from Nigatsu-do, along the streets where there are souvenir shops and Sanjo Kogeji Munechika.
After a short walk, you will reach Kasuga Grand Shrine.

The Sanjo Kogeji Munechika main store is
It’s a store that is affiliated with the popular character of the game Touken Ranbu.
Fans must stop by when they come to Nara!

When I entered the site from the side of Kasuga Taisha, there was a parent and child deer and it was cute.
Deer crackers should have been left …

奈良公園 親子の鹿

Kasuga Taisha Shrine was a shrine with a brilliant vermilion and an elegant feel.
It is different from Ise Jingu, Atsuta Jingu, Suwa Taisha, Izumo Taisha, etc.
It is a structure that imagines the glamorous culture of a long time ago.

I visited and gathered red stamps.
It seems that it is a limited version because it was founded in 2018 and 1250.

In the area where you pay the admission fee, Including the four main shrines of each god I wanted to see it, At this time it was around 15:45, so I withdrew, I decided to head to Yagi Sake Brewery and this time I left through the Otorii in front.

奈良公園 春日大社の桜

In this area, there was a deer standing between the lanterns and it was cute.


By the way, when Nara deer welcomes God from Ibaraki / Kashima Jingu, It is said that God came on a white deer and is valued.
It is surprising that it was written that he was in Manyoshu (7th-8th centuries)!

Purchasing mellow plum wine / Yagi Sake Brewery

I went back to Ukimido again, left Nara Park and headed for Yagi Sake Brewery.
You can see the cedar balls in the eaves of the sake brewery, just like the nice houses.

奈良 八木酒造

When you enter the store, only our customers are The shop will carefully explain the sake, I also did some tasting.

This shop has very beautiful labels, It seems that some people want to collect labels and collect alcohol.

There were many things that attracted me, such as the pattern of the boar butterfly.

So we chose In particular, the clerk was saying that it was popular, Although it is thick and thick, you can drink as much as you like, “Aotan Yuzu sake”, which is refreshing and yuzu is delicious In addition, as a souvenir to a friend’s house who told me about this plum wine and Yagi brewing, I bought a limited edition “Miyoshino Sakura Umeshu”.


Store name Yagi
Address  915 Takahatacho, Nara City
Phone number 7420742-26-2300
Opening hours 9: 00-17: 00

I have successfully purchased plum wine and achieved my purpose 3 on my trip.

I would like to buy Yagi Shuzo’s plum wine from a friend’s house.

After leaving Yagi Brewery with great satisfaction, I returned to Takahata parking lot.

By the way, you can buy Yagi Brewery by mail order, When I actually went, not only the taste of sake, I also like quaint shops and kind clerks, I like it more and more.

Get tired from the hot springs, but the rainy day appearance / Hari-onsen land

After leaving Nara Park, next time I may be able to stop by,
I decided to go to the hot spring that I had planned.

I did not understand this hot spring for the first time on the net,
It had a great look.


Even though it’s in my eyes, I don’t think this building is a hot spring,
I thought this was a hot spring.

The hot spring itself was a indoor bath, an open-air bath, and a sauna, each of which was simple with no extra decoration.
It was used around 18 o’clock, but there were few people, and the open-air while still bright was pleasant.

Facility name Hari Onsen Land
Address 361 Harimacho, Nara City
Phone number 0743-82-2719
Opening hours 10:00 to 22:00
Closed days Tuesday closed * Excludes public holidays
Price Adult 600 yen, Child 400 yen
What you have Rinse-in shampoo, body soap, dryer
* Towels available

Be careful at night! Soba shop / Soba Matsuo with nice atmosphere

After the hot spring, we are looking for a restaurant for dinner while traveling.

I like soba, so if you’re looking for it on Google Maps,
I found a soba restaurant with high reviews and a high reputation nearby.
At the Iga Ichinomiya IC, we went on the Higashihan National Highway and headed for a store that arrived in 3 minutes.

But once passed.
It is on the side street from the main road and a little away,
It is inconspicuous because there are few shops around.

Returning to the original road again and looking closely at the front of the field, there was a signboard.

三重県 そば 松尾

It has a very good atmosphere. It was a wonderful structure where you could feel the warmth of wood inside and out.

Both the soba and the tempura were delicious. The vessel was also very nice, with a feeling of commitment.


I never thought I would eat dinner at such a nice shop,
It was a good encounter.

Store name Soba Matsuo
Address 226-2 Chitose, Iga City, Mie Prefecture
Phone number 0595-22-0546
Business hours 11: 30-14: 30, 18: 00-21: 00 /
* Night business only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Regular holiday Wednesday

Since this day was open until 21:00,
It was good because it was eaten in a relaxed mood.
While searching on Google, I saw quite a store that closed at 20:00.

After this, return to the national highway again, head to your home in Nagoya city,
We finished this trip to Nara Park.


Nara Park during the cherry blossom season is so beautiful!
The highlights of cherry blossoms seemed to be still more.
There is no doubt Ukimido and Nigatsudo.

But because it ’s full of deer dung,
Whether you lay a leisure sheet or relax is something that depends on the person.

Takahata parking lot is full at about 13:00.
If you use it, it seems better to go in the morning.
(But other parking lots may be vacant)

Yokkaichi, Suzuka and Kameyama are more or less congested both on the way and on the way back.
During a traffic jam, I practiced drawing skies on my husband’s digital paper.


Information about this trip

time schedule

9:30 Departure from home in Nagoya city

9:40 Yotsuya IC

From Nagoya West JCT to Tomeihando on Nagoya Expressway

About 40 minutes from Yokkaichi in Kameyama

11:30 Get off at Kameyama IC and go to Meihan National Highway

12:30 Nara city

12:45 Nara Park Takahata parking lot

12:50 Departure for sightseeing in Nara Park

16:00 Nara Park sightseeing ends

16:15 Yagi Sake Brewery

16:40 Departure from Takahata parking lot

17:20 needle IC

17:30 Hari Onsen Land

18:30 Depart from Hari Onsen Land

19:10 Iga Ichinomiya IC

19:15 dinner

20:00 Leave the shop

21:30 Arrive at home in Nagoya city

Travel expenses

Total travel expenses ¥ 17,750

Transportation expenses ¥ 3760
Nagoya Expressway Route 2 (770 yen one way) 1540 yen
Higashi Meihan (1110 yen one way) 2220 yen
* Excluding gasoline charges (mileage 308km)

Takahata parking lot ¥ 1000

Lunch ¥ 3790
Omurice, beef table, citron juice x 2

Deer cracker ¥ 150

Goshuin 300 yen

Soft ice cream × 2 700 yen

Melted plum wine ¥ 1400
Blue short yuzu sake ¥ 1400
Miyoshino cherry plum wine ¥ 1400
* Approximate price because the receipt has been lost

Hot spring (600 yen per adult) ¥ 1200

Dinner ¥ 2650
Pork soba (large serving), grated soba, tempura

Official HP list


Todaiji-monzen-Yumekaze-hiroba/東大寺門前 夢風ひろば






Hari-onsen land/はり温泉ランド

Matuo/そば 松尾

Extra recommended books

Lastly, before and after going to Nara Park,
I would like to end with one more fun book.

“Look at Kao Aoyoshi” Mangaku Meigaku / Gentosha

I think there are many other works set in Nara,
The story starts to move from being talked to by a deer near Todaiji Temple in Nara Park,
Perfect for a trip with the theme of Nara Park.

Explanations about Kasuga Grand Shrine and Nara Park will also appear in the story,
I can learn nature and information,
If you read it while you have the intuition, you can imagine the story more concretely and enjoy it very much.

Until the end Thank you for reading!



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